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     Located just 13 minutes west of Springfield Missouri on Interstate 44, Rosewood Archery, also know as The Rosewood Shop, was founded in 2003 as a supplier of laminations  and riser blocks for the traditional archery industry.  Our specialty has centered on the true rosewoods or "dalbergia's"  of the world.  We specialize in precision cutting and grinding, and many types of millwork  of expensive precious woods.

     In the past 15 years, we have grown beyond the archery industry to also serve the woodturning industry, Luthiers, knife makers guild, flatworkers, and much more.  We are a specialty wood resource for southwest Missouri, Northern Arkansas, Oklahoma, and Kansas.

     Our business is a family run and staffed millwork shop with primarily American Made equipment from the day when American equipment  and pride dominated the industry.  Our background in equipment repair and restoration has allowed us to benefit from genre. 

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