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Dymondwood  contains dyed  Russian Birch hardwood veneers that  are combined with resins, heat and pressure manufactured  to create a  panel  that we typically stock in 2" thick.   Dymondwood is known by its unique strength, durability, dimensional stability, weather and moisture resistance.   This product is an offshore replacement due to the fire at Rutland Plywood years ago.  The difference between the two materials is, the new product does not burn or release odor  when machined or cut, but does require finish when turning on a lathe, whereas the previous material did not. 

This new material has proven to be strong and stable in traditional bow handles, provides bright, deep, crisp colors.  The density provides the weight that bowhunters prefer.  A typical panel comes in 2" thick, 18" x 27" long.  We prefer to sell any entire rip, for instance if you needed a 2" x 4" x 18", we would sell you a 2" x 4" x 27".  The drop is great for knife handles or limb wedges!

FUNCTIONS/PURPOSES:  Archery, Art, Billards, Cues, Carving, Crafts, Duck/Game Calls, Gun, Hunting, Instruments, Fishing, Jewelry, Lures, Laser engraving, Pistol Grips, Crafts, Knitting Needles, Ornaments, Pens, Awards, Frames, Pool Cues, Musical Instruments, Marine, Sculpture, Skateboards,Trophies, Woodturning and many more.  We have made veneer from the new dymondwood for archery limbs, however the results have been less than satisfactory.


A  B  C  D  E   F G  H  I   J  K  L  M N

A= Black/Blue

B= Rosewood

C= Red            

D= Confetti

E= Walnut

F= Cocobolo

G= Ebony

H= Osage

I= 2/Tone Brown

J=  GMC Camo

K= Kingwood

L= Charcoal

M= Fuschia

N=  Olive

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